The Spalding farm using sunflowers to support wildlife conservation

  • Watch this video report by Phil Brewster

Vine House Farm in Spalding are home to a 100-acre field full of sunflowers. 

They grow them for the seeds to use in bird food but also 4% of the sales also go towards supporting wildlife conservation projects across the UK.

This year 3000 tonnes of seeds produced by the golden blooms will be used for wild bird food mixes, before being sold on to mail-order customers.

Although it seems some of the local feathered friends are keen to cut out the middle man.

So far, they have raised £2 million pounds for conservation projects locally & around the UK.

As well as a business, the farm is something of a wildlife haven itself - with hedges, ponds, and wildflower margins surrounding the sunflowers. They believe everyone can play their part.

Summer may be coming to a close, but these sunflowers will soon play their part in feeding our birds through the dark winter months ahead.