Retired police dog gets top award for 7 years of service to Northamptonshire

RPD Nala with her handler PC Sean Foster Credit: Northamptonshire Police

A retired police dog who served with Northamptonshire Police for 7 years, has been honoured with a top award.

German shepherd Nala started working with her handler Sean Foster in 2013 and became licensed in February 2014.

PC Foster said that right from the start Nala had a natural ability with scent work when tracking and searching.

"She was naturally gifted. She was quite small but was very fast and agile. Tracking people – whether it was suspects on the run or missing people – was Nala’s forte; straightaway she had a natural instinct for using her nose," PC Foster said.

Nala with some of her workmates Credit: Northampton Police

They joined the firearms support team and worked on mobile arms surveillance operations.

"She was brilliant, everyone really enjoyed working with her. She always showed such dedication to her job; and was reliable and quiet," PC Foster said of Nala.

During her career she faced some very challenging situations including being struck in the face with a crowbar at an aggravated burglary and earlier this year catching a suspect even though he tried to choke her.

PD Nala with her award Credit: Northamptonshire Police

PD Nala was honoured at the Thin Blue Paw Awards, where she received the Thin Blue Paw Lifetime Achievement award.

“You fall in love with your dog; she’s so much more than just a partner. She was here before our children were born and she became a part of our family; she’s grown up with our kids," said PC Foster.

Retired Police Dog Nala is now enjoying life at home with PC Foster’s family while he works with his new general purpose dog, 17-month-old German shepherd Duke.