West Northamptonshire Council thanks volunteers for helping them support over 200 Afghan refugees

More than 200 refugees have arrived in Northamptonshire in recent weeks Credit: ITV News Anglia

West Northamptonshire Council has thanked the charities and volunteers who've helped them support more than 200 Afghan refugees in recent weeks. 

Councillors say staff have been working flat out to support many families with the help of charities like the Salvation Army and the Red Cross. 

They say it's only been possible thanks to huge collaboration between different organisations.

People attempting to leave Kabul in Afghanistan. Credit: ITV News

Since before the area welcomed its first arrivals, the British Red Cross and Salvation Army have provided a huge amount of logistical support.

More than 200 refugees are now in temporary accommodation at two hotels in the area, many of them families with young children.

The British Red Cross has helped organise reception activities for new arrivals, collect information about their immediate needs and offer transport where required.

Charities and volunteers have been helping refugees from Afghanistan get settled. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Salvation Army has been able to provide spaces for children to play and families to gather, co-ordinate donations and manage requests for support.

Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire launched a GoFundMe page on August 29th in a bid to raise £15,000 to provide further aid. They're already halfway there.

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