Walk of Hope for Luton graduate with incurable brain tumour

  • Watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Sarah Cooper

The family of a young woman diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour have helped to launch a charity walk in Luton.

Dozens of people took part in the town's first 'Walk of Hope' to raise money for Milton Keynes-based charity, Brain Tumour Research dressed in purple and pink.

The aim was to raise money for research but also raise awareness about the charity's work into brain tumours.

It is a charity that is very close to Amani Liaquat and her family.

Amani collapsed on her 22nd birthday last April and was later diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour and told she had up to 18 months to live.

Amani's family said the diagnosis had a huge impact on her as she was a very independent person with a new career to look forward to.

Amani with her family on her graduation

"She was starting out in her life, training to be a social worker, just ready to step out into the world and just be totally herself," said Yasmin Stannard, Amani's mum.

But now she was channeling her energy into raising money for the brain tumour research.

"She sees this as her purpose and as a focus, so it keeps her focussed, it keeps her strong, to be able to use her unfortunate position to potentially help others," Yasmin Stannard said.

The charity, Brain Tumour Research, were very grateful to Amani for her efforts because it said traditionally work in the area had been poorly funded.

"What we need to do is make people aware that working together we can influence government, we can influence the larger cancer charities to support brain tumour research," said Hugh Adams, Brain Tumour Research.

"Because together we can put that infrastructure together that will improve options and outcomes for brain tumour patients," he added.