Meet our Pride of Britain fundraiser finalists 2021 - Andrew Small

  • Watch Russell Hookey's report for ITV News Anglia

When choirs had to stop performing because of the pandemic, Andrew Small from Colchester took his online.

Not only did the Buskerteers choir thrive, but their virtual performances raised more than £50,000 for charity.

Andrew said: "It had a catastrophic effect on what we wanted to do because they idea is that we'd be out on the street busking and trying to raise money.

"Of course everyone was told to stay at home and it was quite a frightening time for all of us, especially the choir members, but for me as well I'd just quit my job to start this project."

The choir was formed to encourage anyone, even those with no singing experience to give it a go. 

Many of the group's members say Andy's enthusiasm has changed their lives. Credit: ITV News Anglia