People must wait 6 months before getting Covid-19 booster according to Bedfordshire health bosses

Credit: ITV News Anglia

Health bosses across Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes say many people are not aware that they have to wait six months before they can have a COVID booster jab.

At a clinical commissioning group meeting, doctors said too many patients are asking for it early. 

At the moment, those over 50 and people with health concerns can book a booster 180 days after their second dose.

Health bosses say that immunity does not drop at 26 weeks.

The number of boosters administered so far make up 0.65% of the population and health bosses say there is still a long way to go.

Whilst there is a six-month wait, BLMK CCG want to get the message across that immunity does not drop at 26 weeks, it gradually fades.