The iconic steam train- the Flying Scotsman- arrives in region

Click above to listen to an interview with the Mid Norfolk Railway Trust General Manager George Saville

One of the most iconic steam trains in the country and possibly even the world has arrived in Norfolk.

The Flying Scotsman will be in Dereham for a two week trip. It's the first time it has run on a heritage railway in the region and journeys on the locomotive sold out in just three days.

The team at the Mid Norfolk Railway Trust says the attraction is a 'bit of a coup' for them but are also reminding people not to trespass to get a closer look.  Extra security staff have even been taken on.

The Flying Scotsman will travel from Dereham to Brick Kiln Junction just north of Kimberley Park station before returning to Dereham.

When not running The Flying Scotsman will be open to visitors at Dereham station on the 6 to 8 October and again from the 13 to 15 October.  On the static days passengers will be able to buy on the day an extra ticket that will give them a guided tour of the Flying Scotsman.