Ex-paratrooper on charity walk around UK arrives in Norfolk

Click above to watch a video report by ITV News Anglia's Natalie Gray

A former paratrooper who has spent the last four years walking around the coast of the UK has reached Norfolk. 

Chris Lewis has hiked 14,000 miles so far with his girlfriend Kate who he met on the walk. 

Chris has hiked an incredible 14,000 miles so far Credit: ITV News Anglia

Chris is carrying out his epic challenge to raise money for the military charity SSAFA which helped him back on his feet after he found himself living on the streets after he left the army.

When he set off from Swansea back in August 2017 though he had no idea how hard it would be. He nearly starved, hurt his ankle, had to battle storms, freezing temperatures and fierce heat.

"It was so hard. I lost a lot of weight. I wasn't able to eat. I left with a tenner and two days worth of rations. It was a very difficult six months to start with. I left a very depressed man you know I wasn't in a good place. Being outside hasn't just helped me you know feel better about myself I feel amazing. It's that connection that you have with nature and what it brings."

The pair have another 10 months to go before reaching the finishing line Credit: ITV News Anglia

Chris and Kate still have the best of another ten months to go- quite some feat.

You can find out more about Chris's fundraising efforts here