Pressure on the pumps eases but some rural communities still struggle to get fuel

Watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Rob Setchell

The fight for fuel continues in some rural areas in the East of England as petrol stations struggle to get the deliveries they need.

At Sanders Coaches, based in Norfolk, the phones have been busier than the buses.

Dozens of people ringing to check the timetable - after yesterday's services in north Norfolk were scrapped with bosses opting to preserve diesel for this week's school runs after Friday's delivery didn't arrive.

The only coaches they managed to fill up were in Lincolnshire - on their way back from taking Norwich City fans up north.

Charles Sanders Director, Sanders Coaches

Well while some of those army drivers got their training in Thurrock this morning - there was still pressure on the region's pumps - particularly in rural areas.

At Blakeney, the garage has never been so busy. They've started reserving fuel for emergency service workers.

Many small garages like have gone from needing a delivery every eight days - to one every two. Tankers arrived over the weekend in Harleston - and bosses say things are getting back to normal. 

The Prime Minister admits the lack of lorry drivers could mean that distribution issues continue.

He says the UK's in a "period of adjustment" after Brexit.... those whose businesses depend on supply chains just want to know how long it might take to adjust.