Families fear for the future as Universal Credit uplift ends

  • Rob Setchell reports from Great Yarmouth on the end of the Universal Credit uplift

People across the Anglia region have been talking about how the ending of the Universal Credit uplift will impact their lives.

Many say the government's decision to end the extra £20 a week payments will have a devastating affect on their ability to make ends meet.

Vikki Harold, from Peterborough, says she's going to struggle to heat her home when the scheme ends.

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Vikki is worried about how she'll pay her bills when the Universal Credit uplift ends Credit: ITV News

The £20-a-week increase to universal credit, brought in to help people at the start of the Covid pandemic, has been claimed by more than 5.8 million people in Britain. 40 per cent of claimants are in work.

The £20 a week uplift to the benefit was introduced at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. The ending of the uplift will leave recipients £1,040 a year worse off.

  • The number of people claiming Universal Credit in the Anglia Region