Artworks by adults with learning difficulties goes on show at Milton Keynes gallery

Watch Liz Summers report

A group of people with learning disabilities are showcasing their artistic talents in a new exhibition in Milton Keynes. 

Members of 'Phoenix Rising MK'  have produced paintings, sculptures and fashion designs for the show at MK Museum in Wolverton.   

Artworks at the exhibition Credit: ITV

The Phoenix Rising group provides creative and community-based activities for adults with disabilities and support needs, including art, crafts, photography and performing arts.

Group Director, Adrian Pinkhard said: "The exhibition came out of lockdown, really. We wanted to give our group members some things to do to stop isolation and boredom setting in; so we set them some projects to do and they are just all incredibly creative and we also found that being creative really did help them get through the lockdown.""Our members are so very, very creative and this is such a good way for them to get their feelings and thoughts and emotions out and a way to express themselves. Our members are so clever, to call them 'disabled' really does them a disservice."

Artwork at the exhibition Credit: ITV Anglia

The exhibition runs in the New Gallery until the end of October and all of the profits will go back to help support people with disabilities.