Hit-and-run driver who left three women walkers seriously hurt is jailed

141021 Robinson

A reckless hit-and-run driver from Northamptonshire who ploughed into three women in a walking group and drove away has been jailed.

Karl Robinson, 25, from Woodford near Kettering, struck the women when his Vauxhall Corsa mounted the pavement in Thrapston on December 16 2020.

He drove off, leaving them seriously injured on the ground.

The three, aged 69, 70 and 73, were all were taken to hospital with injuries including bleeds to the brain and broken bones.

Police say aside from their physical injuries, the mental trauma they experienced was huge.

“Having got to the age of 69-years-old without having any health issues this accident has turned my life upside down,” said one. “After being widowed for three years I was getting my life back on track and it has now been taken away from me again.”

Another wrote in her victim impact statement: “After losing my husband to cancer nearly four years ago, walking and socialising with my friends has become extremely important for both my physical and mental wellbeing but tragically on this day, my life was turned upside down with everlasting consequences.”

And the third said: “When I walked out of my home on that Wednesday afternoon, I was a completely independent lady who was active and had a good social life. Five months on, I cannot walk without the support of a walking stick, I am still not able to drive my car and have to depend on others for assistance in many tasks. All of the above has left me feeling like a burden and I get quite upset that I still need this amount of support.”

Karl Robinson was only found out when his partner noticed the damage to his car and made him hand himself in.

At Northampton Crown Court this week, he was sentenced to two years and nine months in prison. He was also disqualified from driving for four years and four months.

Lead Investigator,

“The three women in this case have shown true bravery in supporting our investigation from the very beginning.

"They are a brilliant and stoic trio and I hope they can now rebuild their lives and find their way back to the independence they so enjoyed and trips out with their friends.”