Plea to take up Covid vaccine as cases rise in the East

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Health officials are urging people to take up the Covid vaccine as cases continue to rise in the region.

Infection rates in the East are higher than across England as a whole for the first time since February.

It's hoped that large, accessible centres like the one which opened in Peterborough today will make it easier for people to get their vaccine and help mitigate the effect of children returning to the classroom.

The new vaccination centre in Peterborough's Queensgate Shopping Centre Credit: ITV Anglia

The aim of the new pop up vaccination centre in Peterborough's Queensgate Shopping Centre is to make it easier for people to get access to the vaccine.

Today there was a steady flow of visitors, some getting booster jabs, but others receiving their first dose of the vaccine.

Health chiefs say they are concerned about the rising rates of infection in Peterborough.

They hope this new vaccination centre will be more accessible because of the availability of buses and car parks in the city centre.

Duston School in Northampton Credit: Duston School in Northampton

At Duston School in Northampton there are almost 2000 pupils and among the students they've had around 75 cases of Covid since September.

But they have plans in place to deal with any increase in cases over the next few months.

Although Covid infection rates are increasing here in the East, public health officials believe that continuing the vaccine rollout is the best way for life to return to normal.