Anti knife crime campaigners call for more action to protect young people

  • Watch a report by ITV Anglia's Stuart Leithes

Jack Richman is the founder of the action group East Midlands Knife Amnesty.

The group urges people to hand in weapons to get them off the streets and recently, they organised a march through the town to raise awareness of knife crime.

"I have 2 young children and that worries me as a father what their future holds for them if no preventative action is taken," Mr Richman said.

"We have kids running about killing kids and what does the future hold for my children and the community's children if nothing is done about it," he added.

Jack said more projects are needed, like the return of youth clubs and activities to occupy young people in the evenings.

Meanwhile, in Milton Keynes the family of murdered teenager Jay Fathers is calling for more emergency bleed kits to be made available to treat knife attack victims.

Jay Fathers was stabbed to death in the early hours of New Years Day

Jay was repeatedly stabbed by 21 year old Callum Aylett. The family was at Luton Crown Court last week to see Aylett sentenced to life in prison.

His dad, Jason, now wants to try to help others by getting the bleed kits around the town and in pubs.

"As a family, we've lost Jay so all we can do is keep his memory alive by getting these kits out there to save other people."

"Jay is not the only person who has been stabbed in Milton Keynes and been killed. If these bleed kits had been around a couple more might have been saved," Jason Fathers added.