'My legs have gone funny' Cambridge couple react to Euromillions win

  • Watch the moment Holly Saul had her lottery win confirmed

A woman from Cambridge is celebrating after she scooped a £1Million prize with EuroMillions.

Holly Saul, 29, and partner Ben Lowther, 38, won the UK Millionaire Maker prize on Friday 1 October.

But it was not until the next day and after a trip to a DIY shop that Holly got around to checking her ticket and found out she had won.

Cambridge couple and lottery winners, Holly and Ben. Credit: Camelot

And the couple are already quite clear about what they will spend the money on.

“Our parents have always been so supportive of us and we are excited that we can now return the favour. With the right financial planning we are hoping this win will enable them to retire sooner rather than later," Holly said.

“It’s important that they are on this journey with us, sharing the news about the win has already been amazing. To tell my parents, we bought mum her own laptop and loaded the video of me making the claim on it, then just pressed play. They were stunned to say the least," Holly added.

Next on the list for Holly and Ben, who have two children and a couple of dogs, is a bigger home of their own.

Unfortunately Ben has lost his job twice, once due to the pandemic and another from redundancy. Previously Ben had a side hustle creating his own video games but now we are in a position for him to go fulltime developing his latest game, Aluna Rift.