Students urged to wear masks as Covid cases increase

  • Watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Hannah Pettifer

Suffolk County Council is advising all staff and students in secondary and higher education to wear masks in communal areas.

Entry to schools will also be restricted and even parents collecting children in the playground will have to cover their faces. 

Infection rates are rising

The number of Covid cases affecting children and young people aged 15-to-19 year-olds has increased by 32% in the past week.  

Across the East the infection rate is nearly seven times higher than it was this time last year.

The number of Covid patients in hospitals are double what they were this time last year, but still well below the huge numbers in January.

But the big difference is that more than 85% of people are now double jabbed, many now eligible for a booster.

Despite that some are calling for stricter social restrictions to be reintroduced now, to stop the virus spreading further.

The government says it's not the right time to bring back greater restrictions, instead encouraging people to get their booster jab if they're eligible.

Health bosses in Suffolk are going one step further, advising schools to bring back a range of tighter measures after half term.