Nightclub owners reassure people worried over a rise in drink and body spiking

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Nightclub owners are reassuring customers worried over a rise in drink and body spiking.

The Mash Nightclub in Cambridge says drink covers are available to prevent spiking and anyone who says they've been spiked will immediately be taken to hospital for toxicology tests.

Anyone suspected of spiking will also be held by club staff until police arrive.

A Nightclub in Northampton is also working to promote safe drinking following a string of spiking incidents at bars across the town.

NB's Nightclub will be offering 200 free glass and bottle covers to help visitors feel safer in their venue.

They're also increasing searches on the door for illegal substances. Anyone found with drugs will be banned from the venue.

Measures such as drink covers have been put in place to protect people on a night out Credit: ITV News Anglia

There's been a disturbing rise in drink spiking incidents in parts of the region, with some women saying they're having to take extra precautions to stay safe.

In other parts of the country, there have also been reports of women being injected with needles on a night out.It’s women who are primarily targeted by spiking. But last week Northamptonshire police told us a quarter of the victims they've dealt with recently have been men.

Reports of spiking have been rising all over the country Credit: ITV News Anglia

Ciara Fallon is a final year medicine student and is currently on a work placement in Kings Lynn.

Her drink was spiked a couple of years ago. But bosses weren't helpful or even sympathetic - they even banned her for three weeks thinking she had just drunk too much. She wants clubs to be more understanding and take control.

For thousands of students across the region it seems night outs aren’t just about having fun. They're also having to give more and more thought to their safety.

Lauren Garnham added: "Everywhere you look. Every corner you turn, this seems to be the issue that is everywhere.

"It's inevitable that when you step out that front door you're thinking what actions can I take, what precautions can I take to make sure not only am I safe but am I helping my friends to be safe".

There's been a disturbing rise in drink spiking incidents in parts of the region Credit: ITV News

The Night Time Industries Association agrees venues need to wake up to the problem.

In some parts of the country, there have been reports of women being injected with needles whilst on a night out.

Michael Kill, CEO of the Night Time Industries Association said: "The needle spiking incidents have been very isolated at present.

"We are working very closely with police to really understand exactly how they are being administered and look at way we can put barriers in place to stop this happening."

The epidemic of spiking has sparked a UK-wide campaign to boycott nightlife venues until they are made safer for women.

Girls Night In groups, now active in a number of cities want immediate action to prevent spiking through measures ranging from increased surveillance in clubs and bars and drinks covers.

Norwich's group is calling for people to stay at home on Thursday 4th November - a day typically popular among students.