'Real life Barbie' barred from hospital for attack on Essex emergency workers

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A woman from Essex who spent years having cosmetic surgery to look more like Barbie has been sentenced today at Chelmsford Magistrates Court after she attacked three healthcare workers and almost ran over a security guard.

Kerry Miles from Silver End near Braintree had gone to Broomfield Hospital in August last year to see her grandmother who was on Braxted Ward.

Due to Covid restrictions she was given a specific slot to visit the ward but arrived outside that time.

After she was told she wouldn’t be able to go on to the ward she became angry, throwing files and a laptop at a staff member and attempting to throw a desk mounted monitor.

She also punched colleagues who’d attempted to defuse the situation.

After leaving the ward security staff tried to speak to her in the hospital car park but she got into her black Range Rover and drove off, almost hitting a security guard  as she did so.

She’d earlier been found guilty of assault by beating, criminal damage and driving without due care and attention.

Magistrates today handed out a 16 week suspended sentence plus costs totalling £1370 and seven points on her driving licence. She was also given a restraining order banning her from Braxted Ward at Broomfield Hospital or contacting any of her victims.

In her defence Miles apologised to her victims and admitted that she didn’t handle stressful situations well.

Her defence barrister said she’d recently been diagnosed as autistic but had yet to receive treatment or support for the condition.

As the sentence was handed down she was told she’d committed assault using weapons around vulnerable patients and visitors during a global pandemic.

In court Miles sat in silence and showed little emotion during the sentencing despite hearing statements from her victims detailing the physical and mental after effects they had experienced following the attack.

Ms Miles emerged from court under a black jacket Credit: ITV Anglia

Ms Miles, who has nearly 100 thousand followers on Instagram, posts regularly about her life. She's also previously posted about having plastic surgery work, and her desire to become the UK's first "gothic and satanic Barbie".

After sentencing at Chelmsford Magistrates Court Ms Miles did not stop to speak to reporters. She emerged from the building under a coat and left in a black car.