Sporting director Stuart Webber hits back at Norwich City critics as he urges fans to keep faith

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Norwich City sporting director Stuart Webber has hit back at the club's critics and says the Canaries are desperate to prove they're not a "laughing stock."

Norwich are rock bottom of the Premier League with only two points to their name, and have only scored two goals in their opening nine fixtures.

That's led to many pundits already writing them off as relegation certainties, while some have even accused them of "cheating the system" and "going against sporting integrity."

That's not how Webber sees the situation though, and he says now is the right time to fight back.

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"I felt it was time that we come out swinging, and I think for the supporters and everyone, we've got to protect our club, and our city and our community now," Webber told ITV News Anglia's Andy Ward.

"We've become a laughing stock and we have to change that. I know that starts on the pitch, but I think as a community we should be hurt about how people are talking about our club."

Webber also suggested that the club's fans have started to believe the opinion that Norwich don't belong in the Premier League and urged them to not give up on the team.

"I think the last couple of home games have felt a bit flat," said Webber.

"A thousand Brighton fans out-singing us here (at Carrow Road), that's not right. If the supporters are going to accept that, no problem - but I can't. If everyone turns up with their glass half empty (against Leeds), we won't win - that's for sure, I can guarantee that."

Stuart Webber talks to ITV News Anglia's Andy Ward. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Head coach Daniel Farke has also come under fire in recent weeks, with many fans calling for him to be sacked following the club's embarrassing 7-0 defeat at Chelsea.

However, Webber says the results aren't just down to Farke, and everyone needs to take responsibility.

"It's not about one person. It can't just be: 'Change Daniel, and we'll start winning again.' If it was that simple, I'm sure that's what everyone would do," he said.

"It's a collective responsibility, we all have to own this. What happened on Saturday, I promise you that no one was hurting more than me, Daniel and the players. I promise you, because it's not possible."