Family's heartbreak after pedestrian dies on same Cambridge guided busway where cyclist killed

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The family of a cyclist who died on the guided busway in Cambridge three years ago has called for an urgent safety review after the death of a pedestrian in the same area last week.

Steve Moir died in 2018 when his bike clipped a kerb and he fell in front of a bus.

For three years now his son Liam and his brother Rob have been warning that without action more cyclists and pedestrians would lose their lives along the guided busway.

They have since been calling for physical safety measures, including a fence.

Liam Moir said: "I know of other accidents that have happened here since. They say they're going to do something but they never really do anything to make it safer and accidents are going to keep happening because this stretch of the busway is only going to get busier and busier."

Rob & Liam Moir Credit: ITV Anglia

A woman pedestrian in her 50s died last week after being struck by a bus close to where Mr Moir was killed.

Few other details have been released but the police are appealing for information.

Meanwhile three years after his death Mr Moir's family is still waiting for answers.

Rob Moir said: I understand that the health and safety report from Steve's accident is still ongoing [and] that's obviously been underway for three years now.

"I don't know when it's going to conclude. It could be two weeks. It could be two years. Clearly based on the latest tragic events something needs to be done now."

Cambridgeshire County Council insisted the busway was safe, adding: "The question of fencing was considered at the public inquiry into the busway. Cambridgeshire County Council believes that overall this is a safe transport infrastructure and continues to keep safety of the busway under review."

The guided busway runs for 16 miles between St Ives and Cambridge. It has a track along which buses travel adjacent to a pedestrian pavement and cycleway.

Roxanne De Beaux cycling alongside the busway Credit: ITV Anglia

Speed limits at some points were reduced following Mr Moir's death.

Cycling groups wanted them cut even further.

Roxanne De Beaux of the Cambridge Cycling Campaign said: "What we would like to prioritise is more space for pedestrians and cyclists because putting a barrier in a space that is already constrained is going to create more conflict between people walking and cycling and we need to be encouraging cycling and walking."