Crutches, walking frames among items NHS want returned during amnesty in Suffolk

NHS amnesty equipment
Some of the items that the NHS in Suffolk are hoping will be returned Credit: West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

People living in Suffolk are being urged to check their cupboards and garages for any unused NHS crutches or walking frames, as part of an amnesty on equipment returns.

Other items such as commodes and toilet frames are regularly issued but often go missing when a patient has fully recovered.

It adds to costs for local NHS services and means potential delays for new patients receiving equipment.

Crutches, specialised cushions and hoists are also in demand and residents who have any items that are no longer needed in their home can get it picked up for free.

Laura Rawlings from the West Suffolk Foundation Trust said that one easy way to support the NHS locally was by simply returning gear when it was no longer needed.

"The collections are completely free and all we need you to do is pick up the phone and let us know you have some NHS community equipment," she said.