Remembrance Sunday race to raise money for Colchester military charity

You can watch Hannah Pettifer's report on the charity race at Brightlingsea here

Remembrance Sunday events have been taking place across the region.

In one of the more unusual events, more than 200 people took part in a race at Brightlingsea in Essex to raise money for a military charity based in Colchester.

The last post was played at Brightlingsea beach and runners also held a silence before a gun signalled the start.

A silence was held before the run at Brightlingsea began Credit: ITV Anglia

The six hour run was to raise money for serving and veteran soldiers of Colchester's 7 Para regiment.

Seventeen of the people taking part were serving soldiers for whom remembrance day is a time to reflect.

Staff Sgt Shaun Bolding said: "For me it's friends I've lost in conflict but also a time for remembrance on what was given in the first and second world wars and conflicts prior to that, it's a solemn moment to reflect on battles past and hope we don't go there in the future."

His colleague Gunner Harrison Dunn said the event was a chance to reflect on soldiers who'd fought and died, and a chance to remember and avoid the mistakes of the past.

Money raised by the race organisers will be donated to the Airborne Gunner Trust.

It's hoped the race will raise around £1000 for the charity.