Milton Keynes man jailed for life after stabbing his wife to death

Anil Gill convicted of killing his wife
Anil Gill Credit: Thames Valley Police

A man has been jailed for life after stabbing his wife to death in their Milton Keynes home.

Anil Gill, 47, of Beresford Close, was sentenced at Luton Crown Court today and told the minimum term he must serve before he is eligible for parole is 22 years.

Gill, who police described as "controlling", killed his wife, Ranjit, on January 31.

He stabbed her 18 times, wrapped her body in a duvet and bin liners and dragged her into the garage. The next day, he reported the murder to the police.

The trial heard that there was a history of domestic abuse, with Gill regularly shouting at his wife or hitting her with heavy objects like planks of wood and threatening her with knives.

Det Insp Nicola Douglas of Thames Valley Police’s Major Crime Unit said: "The only sentence for murder is life imprisonment. HHJ Bishop described this murder as ruthless and cold-blooded with a significant number of aggravating factors.

"I am satisfied the minimum term to be served of 22 years reflects the severity of this awful crime. I would like to again pay tribute and thank the family of Ranjit who have shown such dignity in the most terrible of circumstances."

Ranjit Gill Credit: Family photo/Thames Valley Police

Mrs Gill, who was 43, was described by her family as beautiful, full of joy and the most caring person they knew.

Her sister Kamel Aujla said: "I am the sister of Ranjit also known affectionately to me as Nita. I have sat and listened to the evidence in court and it has made me feel sick, hurt and disgusted.

"Even now he does not fully accept what he has done, I see and hear no remorse, he puts all the blame on Nita, and minimises what he has done with claiming loss of control. 

"I will never forget the hurt," she said. "It hurts every day, I miss her every day. He will have his life back one day - I won’t, and my sister will not have her life."

Her sister Harminder Sahni said: "He stabbed us all in the heart when he took our baby sister’s life away. He took the one life from us that he knew would destroy us. He murdered our sister and broke our hearts. Ripped our souls apart.

"In her life she faced the evil that he caused. In her last hours she was faced with her death, the brutality and the terror of her own husband intent on murdering her and doing her harm. The thought of it is unbearable. I am haunted by the horror of it."

Monica Aujla, Mrs Gill's niece, said: "My aunty was beautiful, amazing, always full of joy and the most caring.

"She was always the cool aunty to me and I wanted to be just like her. Since this has happened I don’t look at the world the same. I love you always, Nita Massi. You are always in my thoughts.”