Standing tall: the 26 foot statue lowered into place by the A12

  • Watch a video report by ITV News Anglia's Rob Setchell

An extraordinary operation has been taking place in the heart of the Suffolk countryside - to install a giant bronze statue.

Credit: ITV News Anglia

Named 'Yoxman' the 10-tonne bronze sculpture, made up of 50 pieces, now towers 26 feet over the A12 in Yoxford near Saxmundham.

Sculptor Laurence Edwards Credit: ITV News Anglia
It was certainly no mean feat moving 10 tonnes of bronze!

The story of the Yoxman started over four years ago.

Forged in the unlikely fires of Unit 19 on Halesworth Business Park, where teams of sculptors have been slowly, painstakingly building a beast.

The Yoxman being moved through the Suffolk countryside- look at the size of those feet! Credit: ITV News Anglia

Winding through the small roads of Suffolk was a somewhat unusual sight for other drivers as the Yoxman made his way to his resting place at Cockfield Hall, where he was winched into place.

Being winched into place in Yoxford Credit: ITV News Anglia

"Once this is back to grass we'll have longhorn cattle in here," said landscape architect Kim Wilkie.

"They'll be scratching themselves against the sculpture.

Laurence thinks that's a good idea and it'll have a really primeval feel to it. The pattern will change with the cows bums really!"'

Laurence hopes his latest work will be a hit - not just with those who commissioned it - but with the public.

Credit: ITV News Anglia

"I hope it helps create a new character for Suffolk, that it draws attention to the landscape and this eroding coastline.

"I want people to like it, to have an affection for it, to revisit it and see something different every time."