Suffolk ramblers celebrate 100 years of building friendships, walking, and exploring nature

  • ITV News Anglia's Victoria Lampard went to meet the Ramblers

It was back in 1921 that a group of walkers came together to form the Suffolk Rambling Club.

Since then, many friendships have been formed and there have even been a few weddings along the way.

And when it came to marking the 100th anniversary, members decided to celebrate by doing what they do best - walking.

The ramblers walking along the Suffolk coast. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The club organises three walks a week and is always keen to welcome new members.

President Paul Ireland said: "If you go up in North Suffolk, it tends to be flat larger fields, maybe a bit muddier at times. If you go south, it’s a bit hillier. We’ve done the bluebell woods, we’ve done all sorts of fantastic walks.

"I can’t think of a single walk that’s not been really enjoyable."

Some members have been walking with the group for decades. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Nature has thrown in a few challenges along the way with some members remembering the aftermath of the great storm of 1987.

Club member George Foreman said: "I started leading walks in 1987 - the year of the great storm. All the trees were down and we were climbing over and through branches and through undergrowth. It was dreadful really but we struggled on."

The club was founded 100 years ago. Credit: ITV News Anglia/Suffolk Rambling Club

The pandemic briefly put the walks on hold, but they resumed as quickly as they could.

Now the group is looking forward to many more years of rambling through the Suffolk countryside.

"With covid restrictions several of us walked together, just sixes when we were allowed to or even pairs when it went down to less so it’s a fantastic experience," said member Val Lockwood.

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