Norwich City unveil new Canary crest two years in the making

Norwich City have unveiled a new design for their club badge which will be used from June next year.

The club says it has modernised the previous crest to try and get a consistent look on all its branding and describes it "an evolution not a revolution".

The new look features a redesigned lion, castle and canary, each of which have beenredrawn and simplified to make the crest look good in both small and large scale, said the club.

Commercial director Sam Jeffery said: “This is a huge moment in the history of Norwich City Football Club and a real statement of intent for the future. For the first time in 50 years the club will adopt a newly evolved crest, fit for digital purpose, iconic and most importantly accessible for all."

The present Norwich City Football crest has a black border Credit: Norwich City

The black border around the crest has been removed, and the ball repositioned in the centre of the badge.

Norwich said the project had taken two years and that the club had listened to feedback from supporters and those within.

Norwich City revealed the story behind the change in the above video made by the club.

Agency SomeOne, whose work includes similar projects at Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City and Wolverhampton Wanderers, is behind the new-look badge.

Rich Rhodes from the agency said: “When we started the project, we knew it was going to be something really interesting for us.

Speaking to everyone from the owners and the board, players, fans and staff, we could tell that there’s something really special at Norwich; this real sense of community, pride and passion. It’s something that we really wanted to bring to the fore in the work that we’ve done.

The club says the new crest will be introduced and formally used from June 17, 2022. New kits will be revealed soon after which will be the first to carry the new look badge.

Norwich City were formed in June 1902 but didn't adopt the name the Canaries until the 1920s when the club started to use a simple badge with a canary.

The 1920s Canary badge Credit: World Soccer Pins

Later the arms of the City of Norwich were added to the badge, featuring the castle and a lion.