Second opportunity for consultation over Peterborough United's proposed new stadium

  • Peterborough United co-owner Stewart Thompson discusses the location options for the proposed new stadium with ITV News Anglia's Donovan Blake

Peterborough United's proposed new stadium comes under scrutiny again at a second public consultation event in the city.

However the club's preferred site to build the 19,000 seater multi-use arena isn't included under the Peterborough Embankment Masterplan.

The result of an independent assessment also included the stadium plans in only two of the four options earmarked to redevelop land alongside the River Nene.

These have been presented at a public webinar this week, with a second opportunity to view the plans in person on Saturday November 27th

Posh co-owner Stewart Thompson said he was disappointed with the outcome and urged supporters and the public to back the plans, ideally at their preferred location.

He said “We were disappointed that the outcome of the independent assessment put forward for the site only included the proposed new stadium on two of the plans and to be honest, neither of those two are where we would be happy in terms of the location.

"One of the suggested sites is Middleholme, which doesn’t have any transport links and the city doesn’t even own the land anyway, so is not a viable option in any case.

“I am pretty sure that most people in the city, not withstanding a number who have reservations around green space, which we are happy to address and have spoken about at length at an open fans forum, would want that particular area of the city to feature regeneration and a stadium that can serve the community as a whole."

The other option which features the stadium plan is combined with a new University planned for the site, but it's feared that may bring delays.

"We've been saying that we can get from permits and planning permission to date of construction as eighteen months" he added. "I think the permit and planning procedure of having to plant a stadium in the middle of the university will delay everything significantly.

"I think we'd move from three to four years to six to seven years."

Redeveloping Peterborough's existing ground is 'not feasible' says co-owner Stewart Thompson Credit: ITV News Anglia

Mr Thompson also reiterated that it wasn't feasible to redevelop their current home, the Weston Homes Stadium, in London Road.

"We love London Road, there's no doubt about it. But I use the analogy that you get to a point where you have kids at university and they have that car. There's a point where that used car and the repairs on that used car gets to a cost-benefit of a new car versus the old car. We're there."

With Posh playing at home against Barnsley on Saturday (Kick-off 3.00pm), it's hoped supporters will be able to add weight to the club's stance at the consultation event.

That takes place at the city council's Services Centre in Bridge Street between 10.30am and 3.00pm