Meet Titch: Whipsnade Zoo's latest arrival is a tiny panther chameleon

ZSL photo
The little lizard has been nick-named 'Titch' Credit: Zoological Society of London

A little lizard nicknamed Titch has hatched at Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire.

Staff are not yet sure whether the tiny panther chameleon (Furcifer pardalis) is a male or a female.

Team leader Alex Cliffe said: “This intricate, tiny creature is a wonderful addition to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. They are doing very well, snacking on fruit flies and exploring their environment.” 

Titch can already change colour Credit: ZSL

Titch can currently change its hue from dark brown to light brown at night-time, but within the next few months, will develop its famous colour-changing properties that allow it to become an explosion of kaleidoscopic colour, like its parents. 

Alex Cliffe added: “People think that chameleons change colour for camouflage, and while that is sometimes true, the primary role of their incredible colour-changing ability is associated with social signalling and communication, or as a response to changes in their environment, like temperature or humidity.” 

Titch was the first egg to hatch, and staff at Whipsnade are hoping more brothers and sisters will arrive soon.