Humza Hussain death: Teenager guilty of murder of Luton 16-year-old

Humza Hussain
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Murdered teenager Humza Hussain Credit: Bedfordshire Police

A teenage boy has been found guilty of murdering 16-year-old Humza Hussain outside a school in Luton earlier this year.

During the trial, the killing was described by the prosecution as a "revenge attack" that took place in broad daylight in a busy street.

Ill-feeling had been festering between the pair when the accused, who is also 16, stabbed Humza three times in the chest on an afternoon in June outside Challney High School for Boys, where both had previously been pupils.

The killer cannot be named because of his age.

The court heard he had armed himself with a “large and savage knife" for the attack and it followed an incident in which he had suffered a bloodied nose in a fight months earlier.

Prosecutor Richard Wright QC told how members of the public, paramedics, teachers and staff from the school all intervened following the stabbing, but Humza died later that evening.

Row 'may have started on social media'

Mr Wright said: “They were devastating and ultimately unsurvivable injuries. There is no doubt Humza was killed by the defendant. He was using a large and savage-looking knife he had hidden in his clothing.”

He added: “The dispute between them [Humza Hussain and the defendant] had been festering for some time.

“There was mutual animosity that developed. It is not easily identified and may relate to insults on social media. It may have begun as a petty adolescent grudge that developed.” 

The jury was played CCTV footage from the school which recorded a playground fight behind some goalposts eight months earlier, on October 7 2020.

The prosecutor said Humza Hussain and some of his friends were on one side and the defendant was on the other. As a result the defendant suffered a bloody nose, which was filmed by Humza on his phone.

As a result Humza and a friend had been permanently excluded from the school and the defendant was moved to another school, the court heard. 

“From this point on the defendant was determined to exact some sort of revenge on Humza Hussain and his friend,“ said Mr Wright.

The teenage defendant was also found guilty of a second charge of having an article with a blade or point.

The jury took less than three hours to reach their verdicts and trial judge Mr Justice Goss will sentence the teenager on Tuesday.

Thanking the members of the jury for their work he told them the defendant would receive a life sentence but he would have to determine the minimum term the boy must serve before he could be considered eligible for release.