Mundesley cliff collapse: Norfolk coastguard warns after major fall

  • Watch drone footage from Mundesley filmed by Labyrinth Mini Movies

People are being urged to avoid a beach in Norfolk after a "substantial" cliff collapse.

A large section of the cliff in Mundesley is believed to have come down between Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

HM Coastguard Bacton said cliffs in the area were "unstable due to the recent rain".

Drone footage from the scene shows soil and sand thrown across the beach, while houses at the top of cliff balance metres away from the edge.

Part of a cliff in Mundesley has collapsed Credit: Labyrinth Mini Movies

HM Coastguard Bacton wrote on Facebook: “Please be aware of our cliffs being unstable due to the recent rain.

“We have seen a substantial fall in Mundesley overnight. Please do not go near the area.

“If you do see anything dangerous on the coast please call 999 and ask for the coastguard."

One Facebook user responded: “Hope sensible folks will understand and appreciate the warning how dangerous the east coast erosion is to everyone.”

  • Watch a report by ITV Anglia's Andy Ward

Earlier this year the coastguard issued a safety warning after part of the cliff gave way in Happisburgh following heavy rain

At the time officers urged people to take extra care - saying the area was very unstable and that mud washing onto the beach could act like sinking sand.

Meanwhile in Essex a £2m project to save crumbling cliffs in Essex has begun.

Around 200m of cliff face has slipped at Holland-on-Sea near Clacton since February last year.