Harry Jackson: Mum's pride as toddler with twisted intestine recovers at Addenbrooke's Hospital

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A little boy from St Neots has beaten the odds and is on the road to recovery after he became seriously ill on holiday in Crete.

One-year-old Harry Jackson was given just a 20% chance of survival by surgeons after he was struck down with a twisted intestine last October, which led to septic shock.

Harry underwent emergency surgery in Crete and was flown back to the UK after a fundraising campaign was set up to help the family with bills.

Now the toddler is being treated at Addenbrooke's Hospital and is on the road to recovery.

His mum Annie Cerveno has been helping to care for him at the Cambridge hospital.

He is making good progress after being taken desperately ill while on the family holiday with Ms Cerveno and dad Gary Jackson.

His mother said she could not be prouder of her little boy.

"Each day he just amazes us with the progress he is making and he amazes his physio with his walking. I don't think I've seen so much determination even in an adult," she said.

Harry in hospital in Crete Credit: Family picture

The family described surgeons at the hospital in Crete as "brilliant" but said they wanted to bring Harry home.

However, their travel insurance didn't cover medical evacuation.

It was then that friends and supporters at Potton United Football Club - where Mr Jackson is assistant manager - set up a GoFundMe page which quickly raised nearly £30,000, alongside other fundraising efforts.

Ms Cerveno said: "Every time I looked at the page I just got completely overwhelmed. To me I looked at it and thought "that's Harry coming home now".

"So within six days were able to book a flight, an ICU plane, that I went on with Harry and Gary met us at Stansted. We got him home  through the kindness and generosity of the public."

Harry fell ill while on the family holiday in Crete with Annie and dad Gary Jackson Credit: Family picture

Harry still faces a long road to recovery but he is heading in the right direction, said his mother.

Doctors hope he can be out of hospital and home in St Neots sometime next month, bringing to an end what have been dark days for his family.

Ms Cerveno said: "To think about some of the conversations we had with the doctors there and some of the conversations me and Gary had, it's just sickening.

"It makes me cold. But then we're going to see Harry and every single day he's beating the odds that are thrown at him."

Harry Jackson being flown home from Crete with his mum Credit: Family picture