Essex firefighters save curious six-month-old puppy who got head stuck in milk formula tin

Officers worked quickly to release Bo safely from the milk formula tin. Credit: Essex County Fire & Rescue

A curious six-month old puppy has had to be rescued by firefighters after he got his head stuck in a milk formula tin.

Essex Firefighters got an unusual visitor when a French bulldog in a bit of a pickle was brought to their station doors in Basildon on Friday.

Bo's owners turned to the Fire and Rescue Service after they struggled to free the pup safeky.

Crews worked to reassure little Bo and carefully used small tools to safely release his head from the tin, freeing him unharmed.

The Basildon crew were happy to help the poor pooch. Credit: Essex County Fire & Rescue

Howard Midwood, Watch Manager at Basildon Fire Station, said: "Clearly, this wasn't a typical incident for our firefighters but when Bo and his owner arrived, we knew we'd be able to help.

"I'm really proud of our firefighters who have done a professional job tonight in releasing Bo quickly and safely.

"We're pleased that Bo was able to get home without any scratches or grazes - but hope he doesn't try and treat himself to any more milk formula!"