'Gardener' jailed for growing house cannabis factory

Credit: Cambridgeshire Police

A man who told police he was just a 'gardener' of a cannabis factory in Peterborough has been jailed for more than eight months.

24-year-old Marinel Cela’s home in Mayor’s Walk was raided in November last year after police received a tip off about a suspected cannabis factory at the house.

Inside the house, officers found 262 cannabis plants in varying stages of growth, worth up to about £220,000.

They also found the electricity supply had been bypassed.

The electricity supply in the house had bypassed Credit: Cambridgeshire Police

Cambridgeshire Police said Cela was charged with producing cannabis and abstracting electricity.

He admitted the charges, but claimed he was merely a ‘gardener’ of the crops.

He was sentenced to 255 days in prison.

The investigating officer, PC Louise Ashworth, said there were several signs if people were suspicious that a house was being used as a cannabis farm.

“The properties where cannabis production occurs are often in a poor condition, have overloaded electrical sockets and can increase the risk of a fire," she said.

“Signs include blacked-out windows, people coming and going at various times of the day and a distinctive ‘hum’ noise from fans and ventilation,” she added.