Drone footage reveals Woburn Safari Park's Asian elephants as you've never seen them before

  • Watch drone footage from Woburn Safari Park's Elephants from the Air project

A snapshot into the lives of an Asian elephant herd exploring more than 500 acres of woodland has been released by a safari park as part of a new conservation project.

With the help of keeper Matt Tilbury and using drone technology, the herd at Woburn Safari Park have been captured on their daily walk.

The drone was able to quietly hover above the elephants and capture them in a way which has never before seen before.

The herd can be seen exploring their home at their own pace - which involves covering up to five miles a day, say their keepers.

Woburn's elephants enjoy grazing, dust bathing and in the warmer months a refreshing dip in Drakeloe Lake.

The park hopes the Elephants From the Air project will help to conserve the species. According to WWF Asian elephant numbers are in decline and with only 40,000-50,000 left in the wild, the species is classified as endangered.

A drone was able to capture the elephants in a way which has never before seen before. Credit: Woburn Safari Park

Mr Tilbury said: "I have been privileged to be their keeper for close to a year now and have had the opportunity to witness our herd engaging and experiencing daily activities. 

"But now to be able to share the joy and show our herd on the move from a bird's-eye perspective is such a thrill. 

"We hope by sharing this new perspective with those who cherish this species, we are continuing to share the importance of conservation and education."