How Wisbech woman Mia Hansson is recreating the Bayeux Tapestry, stitch by stitch

  • Watch a report from ITV Anglia's Callum Fairhurst

It's taken her more than five years, thousands of metres of wool, and millions of stitches with just one needle.

Yet with nearly 35 metres of the Bayeux Tapestry painstakingly recreated, Mia Hansson cannot rest on her laurels - because she's only just reached half way.

The ambition of her astonishing project is to faithfully recreate the tapestry - all 68.38 metres of it.

Depicting the events that led up to the conquest of England by William after the Battle of Hasting in 1066, the Bayeux Tapestry is known globally, and described by Unesco as a "memory of the world" due to its historical importance.

It shows coronations, battles and the way of life for some in the 11th Century.

Ms Hansson, of Wisbech in Cambridgeshire, said her endeavour would take over a decade to complete, as she averages around four hours of stitching every day.

"If I aim for 11 years [to complete the tapestry] I will be on target," she said.

"I am a little bit crazy... well, people tell me that I am. And they're not wrong, because who would do this?

"Here I get to do everything, horses, ships, there's even camels somewhere."

So far Mia has completed 35 metres of the tapestry. Credit: ITV Anglia

It is believed to be the first time anyone has recreated the artwork to its full extent and she has even released a series of colouring books for thousands of people who now follow her stitching journey around the world.

The real tapestry is currently on display in the French town of Bayeux, just outside of Caen in Normandy, but Mia hopes that one day hers will be seen by many people as well.

She is allowing herself a moment to celebrate however - marking the milestone with some cheese and crackers.