Family pays tribute to Ahmednur Nuur, 16, who was stabbed to death near Milton Keynes College

Ahmednur Nuur
Credit: Family photo
Ahmednur Nuur, aged 16, from Conniburrow. A post-mortem examination found he had been stabbed in the back. Credit: Family picture

The family of a teenager stabbed to death outside a college said they have lost their "light on earth".

Sixteen-year-old Ahmednur Nuur died after being stabbed near Milton Keynes College just after 1.30pm on Friday. A post-mortem examination found he had been stabbed in the back.

Healthcare students and staff had rushed from their classroom to help the teenager but were unable to save him.

In a statement, Ahmednur’s family said: "Nur in Arabic means light and Ahmednur was the embodiment of the warmest, brightest shades of his name.

"If he wasn't making people smile, it’s because he was making them laugh.

“We lost our light on earth, but we pray Allah unites us with our adored brother and son in Jannah, where his luminous soul will remain in peace.

“Verily we know, inna lilahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un- indeed, to Allah we belong and to Allah we shall return.”

His family were being supported by specially trained officers, said police.

Justice Will-Mamah, aged 18, of Coniston Way, Bletchley, has been charged with one count of murder and one count of possession of a knife blade/sharp pointed article in a public place. He appeared before magistrates on Monday and will appear at St Albans Crown Court on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley said he was aiming to put more police on the streets to try to tackle knife crime after a spate of stabbings in recent weeks.

Matthew Barber paid tribute to the efforts of students and staff at Milton Keynes College who tried to help Ahmednur Nuur.

He said: "The events over the weekend have absolutely shaken the community and the fac that it happened so close to Milton Keynes College is a concern. Certainly from everything I've heard from the colege and from staff I would pay tribute to the effeots of students and staff in their immediate response as well as to the police in their responce to the incident."

The killing is the third in the space of seven weeks in the area.

Nagiib Maxamed from Milton Keynes died of stab wounds outside the Atesh restaurant in CMK while he was out celebrating his 28th birthday.

Last month there was another fatal stabbing, this time in Buttermere Close, Bletchley. The victim was 44-year-old Lewis Butler.

Mr Barber said police had increased patrols and stop and search, but while the number of serious crimes had been reducing there had still been a number of "tragic incidents".

"We have seen a significant effort to increase the number of hotspot patrols, to increase stop and search, and we have seen some real benefits from that.

"Overall serious violence has been reducing but there's a conundrum in there that while volumes have been falling sadly we have seen a number of these tragic incidents still taking place," he said.

Mr Barber said in the longer term, policing needed to focus on those who were determined to do harm.

"Everyone is shocked by the nature of this crime and there will naturally be an increased police presence in the area," he said.

"My wider strategy is to put more officers on the streets... We're recruiting hard now and I have a plan to deliver more police officers in the future, so we need to look at the strategic end of how we use our police powers to tackle this problem of knife crime which can't be solved just by policing. It needs to be about the wider society and stopping that culture of carrying weapons."