Parents of missing Milton Keynes teenager Leah Croucher desperate for information three years on

Leah Croucher, who went missing in February 2019.
Leah Croucher, who went missing in February 2019. Credit: Submitted

The mother of missing Leah Croucher has said not knowing what happened to her "is driving her insane" and has appealed for information that will allow her to give her daughter a funeral.

Speaking to mark the anniversary of her disappearance, her mother Claire Croucher said she "was never really hopeful in any way" that she would see her daughter again.

But she said, three years on, not knowing what had happened was "killing her".

Leah was 19 when she was last seen heading to work in Milton Keynes on 15 February 2019.

"It was totally out of character for her to disappear," said Claire.

"I have always known that something bad has happened. I just need somebody to phone and confirm that so I can move on.

"I'm trying to keep a little bit of hope in there that Leah is going to come home and we will be able to have dinner again - and that's what's killing me, that little bit of hope."

Leah Croucher vanished on her way to work Credit: ITV News Anglia

Nine months after Leah went missing, her older half-brother Haydon took his own life. His family said he had been unable to cope with the heartache of his sister's disappearance.

But while Mr and Mrs Croucher have been able to hold a funeral for their son, they still do not know if their daughter, who would now be 22, is alive or not.

Mrs Croucher said: "I need that one person that has some information to come forward so I can get my daughter back and give her a funeral, get her ashes and put them in a necklace next to her brother.

"I just need the closure because not knowing is what's driving me insane."

The last confirmed sighting of Leah was at 8.16am on CCTV in Buzzacott Lane, Furzton, and the last activity on her phone was just after 8.30am that day.

Police have released what they think could be a new image of the teenager at Furzton Lake on the day she went missing. The blurry figure, wearing all black, can be seen walking past a group of people who police would like to contact.

Since Leah disappeared, a number of people have taken to social media to discuss rumours about what has happened to her.

They include several conspiracy theories with some people setting up fake accounts - including ones claiming to belong to Leah's brother - to troll the family.

Addressing those people, Mr and Mrs Croucher said: "Our family read everything that is written about Leah, both in the press and on social media. We are aware of the fake profiles that have been made claiming that Leah was pregnant and has run away, aware of the speculation that she is buried on farmland on Eaton Bray.

"We find this upsetting, hurtful and disrespectful. None of this is true, all of it is vicious rumour and speculation."

Police have urged anyone with information to speak directly with them so that any lines of inquiry can be investigated.

A £20,000 reward has been offered for information that helps find Leah.