Hundreds of riders escort funeral procession of 'bike-mad' Wisbech teenager Jack Green

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More than 100 riders turned out to escort the funeral procession of a "bike-mad" teenager who died in a crash, just four months after buying his pride and joy.

The family of Jack Green, who was 19, had appealed to the biker community to give him the send-off he deserved following the collision with a car last month.

Mr Green's coffin was placed in a sidecar and taken by bike from his home in Wisbech in Cambridgeshire to St Leonard's Church at nearby Leverington.

Amy-Lauren Muscat was among the bikers in the convoy following Jack's coffin.

She had been with him the night he died and had last seen him just minutes before his fatal crash.

More than 100 riders turned out to pay their respects Credit: ITV Anglia

Mr Green's family had previously explained how a tracker app had led his friends and family to the scene of his fatal crash.

She said: "Jack picked me up from work. My bike wouldn't start so he came and bump-started it for me and followed me home.

"He went home while I went for a ride, then I looked on his tracker and realised he hadn't got home. We went to where it was and it was horrible."

Ms Muscat added: "Jack was the most kind-hearted person. He was like the dad of the group, he made sure everyone got home alright and he was the one who set up the tracker app to make sure everyone was alright."

Jack Green's mother Natazha Chambers is comforted at the funeral Credit: ITV Anglia

Mr Green's motorbike collided with a car at the junction of Churchill Road and Elm Road in Wisbech on Sunday, 16 January.

Worried friends led Mr Green's mother, Natazha Chambers, to the scene of the fatal crash after spotting on a tracking app that he was in trouble.

Jack Green who died in a motorbike crash in Wisbech in January 2022 Credit: Family photo

Ms Chambers, who described her son as a cautious rider, said Mr Green's friends always tracked each other other which allowed them to spot that he had stopped at the junction.

When she arrived at the scene paramedics had already spent 40 minutes trying to revive him, even though he had already stopped breathing when witnesses found him.

Mr Green had always been keen on motorbikes and had saved up to buy his own. He had only had it for four months when the crash happened.

His mother is now hoping to restore it to finish his journey with her partner.