Rare gold coin unearthed in Norfolk field nets metal detectorist 'life-changing' sum at auction

Coins found by metal detectors in East Anglia. ITV Anglia pix
The rare finds were unearthed in a field in Norfolk,

A rare gold coin unearthed in a Norfolk field by an amateur detectorist has fetched the "substantial" sum of £173,600 at auction in London.

The Leopard coin or florin was found by a metal detecting enthusiast, Andy Carter, in a field in north Norfolk.

The coin is from the reign of Edward III (1327-77), dating from January 1344 and minted in 23 carat gold at the Tower of London.

It featured a Leopard sitting upright wearing a banner, had a face value of three shillings or 36 silver pennies and was in circulation for just seven months before being withdrawn.

Following the sale, Andy Carter, 65, said it had been a long two and a half years between finding the coin, and the auction on Tuesday.

The gold ‘Leopard’ coin (florin) dates from the reign of Edward III (1327-77), Credit: Dix Noonan Webb

Mr Carter, a retired research scientist, said: "Before the coin sold my mouth went very dry and I am delighted how well it sold.

"This is a life-changing amount of money and I will share with the landowner, but my partner would like a new kitchen and I have always dreamt of getting a Land Rover Defender, not sure where I will park it though!”

The coin was bought by a private UK collector, but no further details were given by the auction house.