Convoy of lorries with Ukrainian refugee donations leave to round of applause in Suffolk

  • Video report by ITV News Anglia's Victoria Lampard

A convoy of lorries filled with vital donations for Ukrainian refugees have left a haulage company in Suffolk.

A&R Haulage in Risby near Bury St Edmunds has been inundated with clothing, toiletries and medical supplies, after the company launched a campaign two weeks ago to get as much aid as possible to those fleeing the war.

Volunteers applauded as the lorries left the site on 13th March, heading for a Red Cross site on the Romania-Moldova border, with more trailers set to leave in the coming weeks.

The lorries set off from Risby to a round of applause. Credit: ITV Anglia

Roly Hollings, managing director of A&R said: "We've still got donations that have got to be sorted, worked through, processed and all the customs paperwork to go with it, so at the moment we think there's potentially another four or five truck loads to go."

"We never expected it, it is just none stop. I have had to turn stuff away which is heartbreaking, but we only have a limited amount of space and time. It has just been amazing."

"When we set this up, I made a promise to everyone that we will take the donations to the people who need it most, not to a warehouse or somewhere else where it might sit for six months."

Volunteers have come from all over Cambridgeshire and Suffolk to help pack the piles of donations and load them on to the lorries at the depot.

The company has 70 tonnes of aid and are now appealing for people to donate money instead to their fundraising page.

Dozens of volunteers turned out in Great Yarmouth to help. Credit: ITV Anglia

The Priory Centre in Great Yarmouth has also been collecting donations for Ukraine.

An army of volunteers formed a human chain to help load 1,000 boxes, containing food, clothing, hygiene products and other essential items, on to a lorry destined for the Poland-Ukraine border.

Trevor Saunders, Organiser, said; "We've tried our best to get the right aid. We've been checking updates for what they need most out there.  Everything's boxed, labelled. We've had Ukrainian ladies that have come in writing in Ukrainian on the box to help people."