The scout leaders from Norfolk on a mission to rescue Ukrainian refugees in group's minibus

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Two scout leaders from Norfolk have travelled to Poland in the group's minibus to pick up Ukrainian refugees.

Mike Kenny, from Hethersett, and Adam Hale-Sutton, from Little Melton are part of a convoy which took supplies to the border.

They arrived last week to deliver warm clothing, food, sanitary items and medical supplies that had been donated to those fleeing the warzone.

The group left Medyka with 19 "sad, scared and tired" women and children. Credit: Adam Hale-Sutton

After delivering the donations, the pair picked up a group of 19 women and children in the village of Medyka, who fled the conflict and left their families behind.

They are now trying to bring them back to the UK.

In a Facebook post Mr Hale-Sutton said: "We have collected a family of 19 women and children who have left husbands brothers and grandfathers behind."


The post continued: "Some of the family do not have visas to the UK yet so we are going to get them to Lille in France and put them all in a hotel until their visas come through."

The aid donations were taken to Poland in the Hethersett Scout van Credit: Adam Hale-Sutton

Mr Hale-Sutton praised all the people who have being supporting them along the way.

"Everyone has been so generous so far but if we could ask for any more assistance no matter how small it would mean so much to these people who have 1st hand witnessed the horrors of war and have lost everything", he said.

The group are trying to raise £20,000 to help with their efforts to transport the refugees to a safer place.

They have since travelled to Leipzig in Germany, then to France, before heading to Ireland as they wait for visas to be processed for the refugees to travel to the UK.

The UK government has faced criticism over delays in the visa system. Credit: PA

More than 2.5 million refugees have fled Ukraine since the invasion.

There will be no limit to the number of Ukrainian refugees who can live with UK host families under a new visa scheme, the government has confirmed.

It is hoped tens of thousands of people will benefit from the 'Homes for Ukraine refugee scheme', which will allow individuals, charities, community groups and businesses to bring people fleeing the war to safety - even if they have no ties to the UK.

Sponsors can nominate a named Ukrainian individual or family to stay with them in their home, or offer a separate property for them to use rent-free.

Hosts will receive £350 a month as a "thank you" from the government.