Seven HSBC branches in East Anglia to close later this year, banking giant confirms

69 branches across the UK will close. Credit: PA

Seven HSBC branches across East Anglia are set to close this year, including branches in Cambridge and Wellingborough. 

Banks in Stowmarket, Woodbridge, Newmarket, Billericay and Daventry will also shut. 

The banking giant said the closures have been driven by the continued growth of online banking across its customers. 

Nationwide, HSBC has confirmed a total 69 of its branches will close for good later in 2022. 

It comes after 82 branches were axed in 2021.

The move is part of the bank’s “transformation programme”. 

When and where the banks are closing: 

  • Cambridge Hills Road - 21 July

  • Stowmarket - 18 August

  • Wellingborough - 23 August

  • Woodbridge - 25 August

  • Newmarket - 8 September

  • Billericay - 8 September

  • Daventry - 13 September