Five dogs trapped in a house fire have been rescued by firefighters in Chelmsford

Firefighters have rescued five dogs that were trapped in a house fire in Chelmsford.

A concerned neighbour called the emergency services on Saturday night after hearing the dogs barking and then going quiet.

They then heard the smoke alarm begin to sound and called 999.

The crews arrived at Upper Bridge Road at 9.51pm and found "a large amount of smoke" in one of the bedrooms, and smoke spreading through the house.

The Chelmsford crew described the fire was "well developed" in the bedroom.

While some firefighters used specialist ventilation equipment in the bedroom, others searched for the dogs which were all found safe.

The two people who lived there were not at home at the time of the fire.

The cause is thought to have been due to an issue with a four way extension lead used in the bedroom.

Watch Manager Gavin Ellis said: “We would urge people to be really careful with extension leads with four way adapters. Don’t ever cover them up."

"This incident also highlights the importance of having smoke alarms in your property. The one here alerted the neighbours and we were able to save the dogs. It could have been a very different outcome."