Wood Green opens 'five-star cat hotel' in Cambridgeshire where animals listen to music

  • Take a look round the 'five-star cat hotel' with ITV News Anglia reporter Claire McGlasson

A new multi-million pound centre to care for cats has been dubbed a "five-star cat hotel".

The facility at Wood Green Animal Shelter in Cambridgeshire is fully equipped with music, special outdoor areas - known as ‘catios’ - and soundproofed private rooms.

It has taken the charity 14 years of fundraising to open up the six separate buildings, each housing 10 cats looking to be re-homed. 

Bev Street, a manager at the charity said she could not believe that it was actually real.

"There are quite a number of cats that we take in that don't like the sight or the sound of other animals, especially other cats," she said.

“So one thing that is really important to them is when they are in their rooms they can't hear anything else that's going on in the outside world, which is really important when they have triggers that stress them.”

The new Snowden Cat Care Centre increases on-site capacity by 50%. Credit: Wood Green

The new area was named the Snowden Cat Care Centre after £900,000 was left in the will of animal lover Sheila Snowden.

It allows the charity to care for 50% more cats than it did before. 

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Meet Freddie, a playful cat looking for a new family Credit: Wood Green, The Animals Charity

Four-year-old Freddie is a playful chap, and is looking for a new family who will have time to entertain him with toys. According to staff although sociable he is also independent and when he has had enough of your attention, he will walk off to spend time on his own.

Eight-year-old Cleo can be shy at times Credit: Wood Green, The Animals Charity

Cleo can be quite shy but once she gets to know you she enjoys a fuss and will happily sit next to you on the sofa. The eight-year-old would prefer to be the only pet in her new home.