Boxer Frank Bruno joins volunteer effort at donation centre in Essex to help Ukrainians

  • Frank Bruno spoke to Victoria Lampard from ITV News Anglia

Former heavyweight boxer Frank Bruno said he has been moved to tears by the plight of people in Ukraine, as he volunteered at a donation centre.

The former world champion also paid tribute to the kindness of people who have donated supplies for refugees.

"[It's] sad, sad, sad... Sometimes you cry," he said, as he helped to load vans bound for Ukraine and Poland.

“England’s the best country in the world,” he added. “And when there’s something going on and people need help, you can’t get better.”

Bruno was helping at Faulkbourne near Witham in Essex, where the McKenzie Arnold Group is preparing to make its fourth trip delivering to warehouses and other drop-off points to get vital supplies to those who have left everything behind.

The former heavyweight champ was put to good use by his fellow volunteers. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Organiser Martin Jackson has seen the need first hand.

"You see women with two kids sitting on a wheely trolley," he said. "Not really knowing what they're doing or where they're going. And on the other side you see the Polish community have given up everything, given up their houses and their jobs and their normal lives to assist."

Mr Jackson has also received a message of support from Rod Stewart for the work he is doing to take vital supplies such as hand sanitiser, first aid kits, blankets and nappies to the border. 

He said the gratitude the drivers received each time they arrived was overwhelming.

Andy Morgan from Clacton is currently on his way home after delivering ambulances and medical supplies to Ukraine. 

"We were worried that what we were doing wasn't going to be enough,” he said.

"But going out there, we're convinced that even a tiny little bit of help from a few ambulances makes a massive difference to a lot of people.”

They say they are more determined than ever to raise more money to deliver supplies to where they are needed.