Line of 7,000 giant dominoes around Norwich to be toppled for launch of Norfolk and Norwich Festival

Giant dominoes will be lined up through Norwich city centre.
Giant dominoes will be lined up through Norwich city centre. Credit: Norfolk & Norwich Festival

A line of more than 7,000 giant dominoes will be balanced through a city centre in a show to launch a major arts festival.

The aerated breezeblocks, that make the dominoes, will be arranged in a two-kilometre route through Norwich to mark the start of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival.

Organisers have described it as a "unique art installation" to help celebrate the festival's 250th year, with the fall starting at Anglia Square at 6pm on Friday 13 May and - if all goes as planned - ending at The Forum.

They are now looking for around 200 volunteers to help line up the dominoes through the city and take ownership of a section of the route.

Vikki Nelson, Norfolk and Norwich Festival’s volunteer officer, said: “We really value the time and effort our volunteers give us each year at the festival.

"We have volunteers from around Norfolk, of different ages and occupations, who come together as a team to help us deliver our events and welcome our audiences.

"Dominoes will be a joyful celebration with thousands of people taking to the streets to help open our 250th anniversary festival."

The domino topple will take place at 6pm on Friday 13th May. Credit: Norfolk & Norwich Festival

Dominoes, by Station House Opera, will launch Norfolk and Norwich Festival’s 250th anniversary programme which will see installations, exhibitions, gigs, cabaret and circus presented throughout Norwich and around the county.

The festival runs from 13 to 29 May.

Participation in Dominoes does not require particular skills or significant time investment.

If you would like to join the team and help build the domino route, you need to be:

  • Aged over 18

  • Available on Friday 13 May from 11am to 7pm

  • Able to attend a training briefing on Tuesday 10 or Wednesday 11 May 6pm - 8pm 

Contact or call 01603 877750.