Norwich City sporting director Stuart Webber defends plan to climb Mount Everest

  • Norwich City sporting director Stuart Webber spoke to Donovan Blake about his determination to climb Mount Everest

Premier League strugglers Norwich City are used to having mountains to climb - but the club's sporting director is training to scale one of his own.

Stuart Webber has been defending his decision to climb Mount Everest for his charity, The Summit Foundation.

Some fans had questioned the timing of the challenge as the Canaries look destined, once again, to be relegated from the top flight.

"We have lots of day-to-day challenges, whether that's in family life or work life," said Webber.

"I probably got to the stage where I'm thinking 'actually I really want to do something for me.'

"It's a long-term ambition and I've got a lot of work to do to get there and be ready for it but that excites me.

"The journey excites me, as much as the thought of actually attempting to do it."

Stuart Webber with his wife, Norwich City Executive Director, Zoe Ward. Credit: ITV News Anglia

That journey to the Everest summit, which Webber is funding himself, has already started.

He has already climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and is now in training for an attempt at the highest mountain in the world in 2024.

He said: "My wife said 'if you're going to do that much work for it and potentially put your life at risk, you should probably do it for a cause as opposed to just doing it'.

"That's where the idea of the Summit Foundation was born."

The foundation aims to support young people in Norfolk, helping those suffering in food poverty or with a lack of funding for education.