Gas leak in Wroxham in Norfolk after car crashes into gas pipe

Gas leak
The gas started leaking from the pipe after a car crashed into it Credit: ITV Anglia

A car crashed into a gas pipe in a Norfolk town and caused a potentially dangerous leak, said police.

Firefighters rushed to the scene in Norwich Road in Wroxham after a silver Mini crashed into the social club at 3pm, hitting and damaging the pipe.

They advised that people in the area stay away and keep their doors and windows shut.

The pipe was capped and the road reopened by 7.30pm, said Norfolk Police.

"Norwich Road is now fully open to motorists and there isn't any risk to residents or visitors," said a force spokesman.

"Officers would like to thank residents and visitors for their understanding and patience while the road was closed."

Emergency workers at the gas leak in Norwich Road, Wroxham Credit: ITV Anglia

Earlier, long traffic queues built up and bus services between Wroxham and Norwich were disrupted.

The road was closed between its junctions with The Avenue and Church Lane at one end, and its junction with Station Road at the other end.

Emergency services said that nobody had been injured.