Local Elections 2022: What happened in the East of England

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Staff are getting to count the votes in the local elections in Colchester in Essex Credit: Russell Hookey / ITV News Anglia

Conservative councillors have been losing seats in the local elections in the Anglia region with Labour and the Liberal Democrats making gains.

The Conservatives lost their overall majority on Huntingdonshire District Council for the first time since 1976. The council holds the record for the longest of Tory-control of any local authority in the Anglia region.

The Conservative leader on Colchester Borough Council, Paul Dundas lost his seat with Labour and the Lib Dems now having enough seats to run the council jointly. It is still hung - with no one party having enough seats to outvote all the others - and Conservative has run it for the past year with help of Independent councillor votes.

The Conservatives maintained control of Basildon and Harlow in Essex, two councils where they won back power in last year's local elections. In Basildon, the Labour group leader lost his Pitsea seat to the Conservatives.

Peterborough City Council remains on a knife-edge with broadly the same overall political composition as before Thursday's election. The Conservatives are likely to continue to run a minority administration.

Overall the Conservatives lost more than 60 councillors across the Anglia region.

After solidifying their position on the two councils held by the Liberal Democrats - South Cambridgeshire and St Albans - the party won the most council seats overall in the region.

The overall gains and losses of council seats by all the political parties in the Anglia region

These elections are the biggest test of political opinion this year. Voters have been casting their ballots for 20 local councils in the Anglia region and the results could have far-reaching consequence beyond your local town hall.

The election results are expected to reflect voters' mood not just on local issues but also the wider goings-on in Westminster and the state of the nation.

Boris Johnson and the Conservative party are bracing themselves for a battering as voters feel the pinch due to surging food and energy prices.

A poor result in the local elections could see the Prime Minister ousted from Number 10 in a no confidence motion.

In recent weeks Mr Johnson's leadership has been challenged by the Partygate scandal where he was fined for breaking lockdown rules.

The local elections will also test support on national issues such as the war in Ukraine.

Back in 2019 during the General Election Mr Johnson returned the biggest Conservative majority since the 1980s.

Interactive map showing the areas which had elections in 2022 in the ITV Anglia region

In the Anglia region, elections took place in:

  • Cambridgeshire: Cambridge, Huntingdonshire, Peterborough and South Cambridgeshire districts.

  • Hertfordshire: North Hertfordshire, St Albans, Stevenage and Welwyn Hatfield districts

  • Milton Keynes (unitary authority)

  • Essex: Basildon, Brentwood, Castle Point, Colchester, Epping Forest, Harlow, Rochford districts, and Southend-on-Sea and Thurrock (both unitary authorities).

  • Norfolk: Norwich City Council

  • Suffolk: Ipswich Borough Council.

The results will be later on Friday afternoon in Cambridge, Castle Point, Huntingdonshire, Milton Keynes, North Hertfordshire, Norwich, St Albans, South Cambridgeshire and Welwyn Hatfield

In most of these districts only one-third of the council seats are up for election but there are complete elections for the whole council in Huntingdonshire, St Albans and South Cambridgeshire.

There are no widespread elections being held in Bedfordshire or Northamptonshire.

Across the Anglia region 423 council seats are up for grabs.

Nearly 1,400 candidates across the Anglia region are after your vote to fill 400 local council seats Credit: ITV News Anglia