Clare Nash inquest: Killer Charles Jessop claims Suffolk police 'ignored' death threat to ex-partner

Charles Jessop, left, must serve at least 30 years for the murder of Clare Nash.
Credit: Suffolk Police/Family photo
Charles Jessop, left, must serve at least 30 years for the murder of Clare Nash. Credit: Credit: Suffolk Police/Family photo

A murderer who stabbed and strangled his ex-partner to death had threatened to kill her the previous day - but his threats were "ignored" by police, he told her inquest.

Charles Jessop killed Clare Nash on 16 January 2020, stabbing her until his knife broke before strangling her at her home in Newmarket, Suffolk.

On the second day of her inquest in Ipswich, the court was told about Jessop's previous convictions, which included battery, racially aggravated assault, possession of a bladed weapon which he attempted to use on a police officer, and coercive behaviour in a family setting.

The court heard of various incidents of arguments and aggravation when the police attended, but Jessop said Suffolk Police did not follow up on some incidents, including when he threatened to kill Ms Nash, 33, on 15 January.

"The police ignored the fact I'd threatened to kill Clare the day before [he killed her]," he told the inquest.

Police were called to the address on 16 January 2020. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Giving evidence, he claimed that he and Ms Nash argued after she had become heavily involved in drink and drugs, and admitted making dozens of calls to her phone as their relationship broke down.

The court had previously heard that Ms Nash had called police on 14 January and told them she was concerned at Jessop's violent behaviour. She was told to lock her doors and windows and dial 999 if he came to her flat in Brickfields Avenue, Newmarket.

Two days later he attacked her at home and killed her.

He was sentenced to life with a minimum term of 30 years after being found guilty of murder in July 2021.

The inquest previously heard that during the fatal attack, Ms Nash's housemate had taken her three-year-old son away after Jessop confronted her with a knife, telling her: "You're going to die."

She replied: "Not in front of my son."

Forensics officers at the scene of Clare Nash's murder in Newmarket. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Brian Nash, Ms Nash's father, also described her as "the beautiful girl full of life and vibrance", in a statement read by a lawyer.

"She had a great sense of humour – she would laugh at anything especially herself," he wrote.

"Despite everything she was a great mum – who loved her children with every sinew of her body."

The inquest is expected to last 10 days, with the jury being offered guidance by the coroner into looking at how the police dealt with the case in the run up to Ms Nash's murder.

They have been instructed to examine the police response to reports of domestic violence and risk of domestic violence, and whether risk assessments were conducted and followed by police.

They were also told to determine what follow-up action was taken and conclude whether Ms Nash's death was preventable or not. 

Brickfields Avenue in Newmarket, where Clare Nash was murdered. Credit: ITV News Anglia